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A sophisticated approach to knowledge could prove useful in evaluating many personality theories. Such an approach is needed, for example, to resolve whether
Psychoanalysis is a science, or whether the arguments of Evolutionary Psychology are valid.

What Is Metatheory?

Metatheory, which deals with methods of evaluating theories, has traditionally been the province of philosophers of science, although psychologists implicitly use metatheories whenever they evaluate theories. The original figure below is a taxonomy of metatheories. Click on any approach to knowledge below the figure to learn more about it.
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[Approaches] [Passivists] [Activists] [Justificationists] [Conventionalists] [Inductivists] [Probabilists] [Dogmatic Falsificationists] [Kantians] [Revolutionary Conventionalists] [Anti-Realism] [Realism] [Duhem] [Popper] [Lakatos]
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