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G. Scott Acton

Welcome to the University of Leuven Psychology Department's first Writers' Task Force (WTF)! The WTF is a peer-review writing group in which each participant receives feedback on a manuscript that he or she is trying to get published and provides feedback on the papers of other participants.


Guidelines for Presenters

  1. Always email your paper to everyone in the WTF. In your email, specify the points on which you would like feedback.
  2. If you send your paper 2 weeks in advance, then everyone in the WTF should be prepared to comment on it.
  3. If you send your paper 1 week in advance, then the reviewers will definitely comment on it and everyone else will try to be prepared to comment.
  4. If you send your paper less than 1 week in advance, then the reviewers will try to be prepared to comment.
  5. Presenters should come prepared to give a brief (1-2 minute) summary of the paper and what kind of feedback they would like to receive.
  6. Presenters should not respond verbally to the reviewers' comments. Instead, presenters should simply listen and take notes.
  7. All reviewer suggestions for revision should be taken as just that--suggestions. It is the presenter's decision whether or not include them.

Guidelines for Reviewers

  1. Always attempt to address the points on which the presenter has requested feedback. In addition, try to address any other points that warrant comment.
  2. Each reviewer should limit verbal feedback to about 10-15 minutes.
  3. Reviewers should typically include some kind of written feedback in addition to verbal feedback. Written feedback can be either in the format of notes in the margins of the manuscript or in the format of a review of a journal article.
Writing Advice, APA Style Tips and Grammatical Hints, and information on Peer Review are available.

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