Hello, and welcome to my home page! This section tells a little about me. I spent the summers of 2002, 2003, and 2005 as a visiting scholar at the University of Leuven, Belgium. They have the best fries in the world, a city center featuring a gothic church and city hall, and various festivals and other attractions. While in Europe, I also visited France, Holland, Italy, and Greece. I loved it and plan to return.

I went to college at Duke University (North Carolina) and to graduate school at Northwestern University (Illinois). Thereafter, I resided in the beautiful city of San Francisco, where I enjoyed the temperate climate as well as the rich cultural atmosphere. UCSF itself was an exciting place; although there were no undergraduates, there were thousands of researchers working at the cutting edge of the biomedical and health sciences. At this point, I am enjoying my position as assistant professor of psychology at Rochester Institute of Technology (New York).

I recently found out that I started a tradition. I make lists, so I made a list of things to do during my last couple of weeks at Northwestern in 1999. One was to get a Ph.D. As it happened, the list was maintained to 2003 and supplemented by each successive psychology Ph.D. in the lab. So here it is: "The Ph.D. Board--A Photo Memoir!"


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